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Plenty of salons can offer you hair removal

Plenty can offer nail technicians

Plenty of them can offer massages and facials

A qualified beauty therapist can offer you all of these services

An experienced and skilled therapist can offer you a specialty

At Eden we offer specialists

With specialists in each field of the industry we make sure your

experience with us is second to none

Emily Cornelius


Manager/Senior Therapist

I pursued my passion after school and attended NMIT where I gained my Diploma in beauty and body therapy.

I love how this industry allows you to grow, it offers many options to further your career. Since graduating I have up skilled with other courses (see credentials)


I love that I get to meet interesting and inspirational people every day whilst making them feel amazing. I have created a space here at eden beauty where I feel we can make this happen. 

Dajana Novak

Senior Beauty and Wellness therapist, professional makeup artist

I have had an interest in beauty trade for many years, even as a child i loved playing beauty salons with my mum.​

I am from Croatia where I’ve finished four years of college in Beauty and Body therapy and one year of Wellness school.

Alongside I’ve finished courses where I have learnt different techniques of massage, professional makeup school, sugaring, nail art, eyelash extensions and many others.

In 2012, I discovered my passion in this industry and since then I am making my clients happy, beautiful, balanced and relaxed.

I have been working in beauty salons but always wanting more so I found my sanctuary in Wellness and Spa centre in Park Plaza hotel.

Since I’m open minded, always crave for new knowledge and experiences, I ended up working in this amazing oasis of peace and relaxation with my beautiful colleague and friend Emily.

I want to pass on my experience on you and show you my European way of performing rituals, effective facial treatments, new less painful ways of hair removal, pedicures etc.

I’ll see you at eden beauty, where mindful vibes meets balanced soul.

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